• D R E A M S

    When roasting we allow ourselves to dream. To follow ideas. To experiment and to make the roastery our playground. This dreamy approach brings out joyful roasts that are on the edge between balanced, daring, playful, yet simple.

  • Q U A L I T Y

    Cupenhague is Danish in both origin and mindset. We stem from a culture where quality and simplicity is inherent in most things we do. This goes for our coffee too. We source quality beans and roast them on the wonderful Loring S15 Falcon. We apply strict quality control on our little brown darlings to perfect our cup, one cup at a time.


    Serving you the best coffees means nothing if we damage our green and blue diamond in the proces. The preservation of our planet is part of the DNA of Cupenhague. We demand the same DNA from our suppliers, farmers and cuppers. Among our initiatives we deliver most of our coffees by bike and we co-roast with other roasters.

Our Roaster


Our roastery is located in the heart of Nørrebro in the space of “Andersen & Maillard”. We roast on the most elegant roaster in the industry; the Loring Falcon S15. Not only is it beautiful, but it is extremely precise and consistent.


We are specialist. Along our lovely roasted beans comes our know-how. When our coffee arrives at your gate we are there to personalise the experience, help you set up equipment and to perfect the product you serve. If you’re a Cupper we invite you to cuppings to taste our latest coffees, so you always have a fresh harvest that suits your preferences on your shelf.